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How to choose underwear fabric?

Do you want to get some new underwear of best fabric? when do you think of finding the perfect underwear style, turns out there’s a huge variety of fabrics out there. And you will likely have to pick one.There’s a reason why that’s a tough choice, choosing the right underwear fabric can be the mose important thing for customed underwear.With this simple guide to the best customed underwear fabric types out there, if you have no idea which one is your best , here are some tips for you as follows:

1. Cotton

Some underwear manufacturers choose cotton as their fabric of choice since forever, the real reason why they love this fabric is because of how cheap some of its blends could be, the cheaper the fabric, the higher the profit margins.
However, there are premium blends of cotton out there that look and feel great,and cotton is the vanilla flavor of underwear fabrics. It’s pretty decent in almost every way, but nothing special.

Cotton fabric

2. Ice Silk

From the ancient kings and queens to the plush lingerie lines of today, ice silk fabric is one of the luxury material. It’s easily one of the most comfortable and breathable fabrics out there.You can not go wrong with silk if you have sensitive skin.
However, there is a problem of ice silk for men underwear, where silk shines in keeping things cool and breezy, it totally fails at giving men’s private region the support it needs,and that’s exactly why silk isn’t the fabric of choice for men’s underwear.

ice silk (1)

3. Merino Wool

Merino wool it is nothing like the regular wool you may have worn before. The fine and soft fibers of this fabric are quite comfortable and free of any itching whatsoever. While merino wool is softer than regular wool, but it’s no match for silk or even cotton. what is more, as merino wool fabric drinks moisture so that you’ll be left with moist undies if you sweat a lot, especially on a hot summer day!

Merino Wool


Bamboo fabric is actually lighter and softer than cotton. beside, it can wick moisture and let air pass through almost as well. But its antibacterial properties, is the most different feature from other fabric.We would say that bamboo underwear is better than cotton without a doubt, but is it the best fabric of underwear ? Not really, because its strong smell and slow drying time.


5. Spandex

Spandex is a lightweight, durable, and moisture resistant fabric that you’ll find in every pair of men’s underwear out there. That’s because, above all else, spandex is elastic, which explains why the fabric is actually called elastane. Spandex can stretch and endure worse conditions than rubber. So if you’re into sports or just a fitness freak, this elastic fabric will keep you supported all the way — whether that’s lifting your butt or hugging your nuts.Just don’t expect to keep these on for the rest of your day. That’because spandex will stifle your manhood by trapping heat and moisture. As it gets sticky, it can turn into a pain in the ass — both figuratively and literally.


6. Polyester

Polyester was made specifically to serve the needs of the male body. It can survive all sorts of wear and tear.It’s resistant to shrinking, fading, and wrinkles, and it is so thin that it only the half of cotton! But, as a synthetic material, polyester can trap heat and moisture, making it far from ideal for daily wear, and this man-made fabric is filled with harsh chemicals that is not good for sensitive skin.


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