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Plus size underwear for big tummy

Best oversize underwear for women

How to choose your own underwear style is a personal thing, it would be comfortable if you select the right style panties for you. However, it is much more difficult for those fat people, especially for women with big tummy. But don’t worry , we will tell you what is the best plus size for you.

big tummy

First, the fabric

What is the best fabric  for plus size women’s underwear? The quality of fabric of panties should be put in the first place here — any fabrics that offer stretch and durability are great options. Spandex is a good choice to start due to its elasticity and ability to mold to the wearer’s skin. Nylon/polyamides is another good option, also pairing stretch with silky-smooth texture. Whether you’re rocking thong underwear, a brief, a high-cut, or a hip hugger, you can’t go wrong with fit if you’re working with strong, quality materials.

Cotton fabric

Second, the size

If you have a curvier body type, it can be difficult to decide which size underwear works for you. But we think that the most important thing is your waist , we suggest using a tape measure to measure your natural waist, narrowest point between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis located just above the hip bone. What is more, measuring the fullest part of your hips is key point to testing what size will be the most comfortable for your body. Using these methods as the foundation for your search, and be sure to consult all of the available sizing information to nail the perfect fit. Last but not lease, we recommend using your dress size as the best barometer to help yourself to find the best fitting plus size underwear.

Third, the brand

Just as it’s important to look for brands that specialize in over sizes when shopping for bras, it’s just as crucial to seek out these plus size-friendly lines with panties as well.
This brands will carry beyond an XL in underwear (2XL, 3XL, etc.). besides, their panties will be designed to meet a plus size woman’s needs based on her body type — which goes beyond some additional fabric.

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